Sunday, August 23, 2009


Southern California residents are invited to recycle their 'gently worn' shoes for people in need.

California – Every 13 seconds, Soles4Souls, Inc. gives away another pair of shoes to someone in need. The shoe charity has earned glowing endorsements from Hollywood stars and professional athletes, but the people that truly make the non-profit organization effective are those who clean out their closets to personally drop off their ´gently worn´ shoes at a participating location, such as David´s Shoes.

Through September 20th, Soles4Souls and David´s Shoes will be collecting your gently worn footwear and/or monetary donations to ship the shoes to a person in need, whether they are victims of a natural disaster or subject to living in extreme poverty. It is estimated that Americans have 1.5 billion pairs of unused shoes lying in their closets. The charity can use each and every one of these pairs to make a tangible difference in someone's life.

"We can use the shoes taking up space in your closet to change the world one pair at a time," Elsey said. "We need our partners in Southern California to 'STEP UP' and get behind our call for action. It´s one of the most simple yet profound gifts you can make, because it will greatly improve someone´s life in the most difficult of times," he said.

David´s Shoes owner David Jassem is excited for the opportunity to work with Soles4Souls again. Jassem first learned of the nonprofit in 2006 through the WSA, the World Shoe Association, and jumped at the chance to join the effort to collect shoes for donation. "Soles4Souls is a great charity," Jassem says, "and the response from our customers has been overwhelming! In the past few years we have collected hundreds of pairs of shoes from customers who are eager to clean out their closets. Customers love having the chance to do some good while updating their wardrobes with the season´s newest looks."

To reward our customers, David´s Shoes will be giving a 20% discount on a new pair of shoes with your donation.


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