Monday, June 29, 2009

Sol Collecting Shoes

Sol, a fashionable, modern shoe store in Casper, Wyoming has become a permanent drop-off point for new or gently-worn shoes as a partner in the Soles4Souls program.

Sol became a drop-off location when buyer and manager Shirley Bower heard about the program at a buying show.

"With the times being so hard, that's the time you need to reach out," Bower said. "We're so blessed here, we just felt we needed to give."

From flip-flops to heels, any pair of gently worn shoes will do.

"Any kind of shoe you can give, they can use it. For some people, this is their first pair of shoes," Bower said. "For some, just even having a flip-flop keeps them from getting diseases."

Shoes go all over the country and the world, to anyone who may need them but can't afford to buy a pair. Some of the shoes go to women's shelters. Heels can be helpful for women interviewing to get back into the job market.

"We're going to give some just for those women going back to work," Bower said.

So far, Casperites have come out en force to donate, with Sol collecting about 500 pairs of shoes in the last several weeks.

"We offer $10 off tickets, but most people don't want anything," Bower said. "They just cleaned out their closets."

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