Friday, June 26, 2009

A Gift at Royal Family Kids Camp

Linda Chenot with Royal Family Kids Camp sent us this email of kids receiving footwear in an unusual and exciting way.

On Wednesday afternoon after 30/30 time we all headed out to the softball field for a group sporting game, and an exciting afternoon of surprises. While we are all playing on the softball field the local fire department showed. At first the kids weren’t sure if there was a fire or something but when they saw Ms. Caelyn, the Bible teacher, on the truck waving, they all ran towards the truck with excitement.

The fire department spent time showing the kids the truck, all the different compartments and talked to them about fire fighting. Then they began giving the campers and counselors rides around the campground on the fire truck. Each camper got to wear a fire hat while they were on the fire truck.

While campers were getting rides on the fire truck, the second truck began to hose down the softball field, which entertained the rest of us. After hosing down the field we realized that they were actually making a giant X on the far end of the field. All the kids were talking about what they were doing and why they were marking the field. Right about that time we saw a helicopter in the sky, circling around and getting lower. It was beautiful… first appeared through the dark stormy clouds, and then circled around to the clear blue skies, through the clouds and began its descent to land right in front of us.

As it got closer the kids got more and more excited, jumping up and down and waving and cheering. WOW…..what an experience! Once the local “flight for life” helicopter had landed the campers got to take pictures with the helicopter and “flight for life” team.

If all the pictures with the fire truck, the helicopter and fire truck rides were not exciting enough…….the next one was picture perfect. The fire fighters had all the kids’ line up right in front of the helicopter and fire truck, shoulder to shoulder and the fire fighters and “flight for life” team handed our brand new crocs to each camper that had been donated by Soles4Souls. What an exciting afternoon!

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