Monday, May 18, 2009

Soles4Souls at the HEP

Here is personal testimony from Zachary White, a housing manager for the Homeless Emergency Project (HEP). Zachary was at the footwear handout on May 6th in Clearwater, FL.

One older male living at our facility suffers from a degenerative disability affecting his back permanently. He was able to receive a pair of comfortable shoes providing him support when walking that he was not able to afford on his own.

A single mother coming from an outside agency explained she’s been having car troubles but acknowledged at the same time her children were badly in need of new shoes. This mother was able to take three pairs of shoes for her children and focus on getting her car fixed. She was ecstatic.

A gentleman seeking employment in this tough economy felt encouraged by his ability to look presentable with a nice pair of dress shoes for his interviews.

A client of ours suffering from multiple sclerosis was given a pair of low cut ankle boots to encourage a more steady gate and ankle support.

The overall attitude of the crowd of people we served this day was one of sincere appreciation and respect for the kindness that was displayed by your Soles4Souls program.

Thanks again,
Zachary White

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