Monday, November 24, 2008

Email From Eagles Ranch

Due to the generous donations of our supporters and partners, we are able to enjoy many emails and letters of gratitude.

Recently, more than 50 children and support staff at Eagles Ranch in Georgia were outfitted for new shoes. The Ranch works with children in crisis, focusing on family restoration and reunification. Since its founding in 1985, the Ranch has served over 700 boys and girls.

Soles4Souls partnered with Jan Ros of Eagles Ranch and Atlanta Falcons center Todd McClure to deliver this early holiday gift.

This email came from one of the house moms shortly after the shoes were delivered. We thought it was only fair to share it with you.

Dear Soles4Souls, I just wanted to take a minute thank you for what you do. I can tell you the girls in our home were truly blessed yesterday. These were a couple of the comments that took place throughout the evening after they received their shoes.

Brooke, the girl in our home that was TRULY in need, says “Oh, my goodness I can’t wait to give my mom her tennis shoes back, she's been letting me borrow them all year!”

Kayla just couldn’t say enough about how much she liked her shoes. She says “Miss Kelly, they even have changeable shoelaces!!” I can’t wait to try out the pink laces!” Then I had to take her to physical therapy and on the way home she says, “Miss Kelly, the doctor commented on my new shoes, she liked them!”

The gentleman that was taking time with our kids was so kind. He made Riley feel so very special, and I think he has been on “special shoes count down” ever since.

Then I went up last night and found some wonderful shoes for myself and while there, found another pair that I thought Brooke would like. Since she is more in need, I brought them home and she could not believe that she was able to have them. She said she saw them and loved them so much, but really needed the tennis shoes more.

Anyway, there is no way that you can fully understand the excitement that you brought into our home, but I wanted to try and convey that to you in some small way. The people that humbled themselves and put shoes on our girls feet touched me so much and I don’t even know who they were to thank them. Maybe in sending this to you, you can get the word out to them. Thank you all so very much.


Ken and Kelly Mitchell
Glory Home

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