Monday, November 24, 2008

Bloggers Helping Soles4Souls to Reach 50,000 Pair Goal

There are 36 days left in the '50,000 pair in 50 Days challenge' and Nashville writer, editor and blogger Jeff Goins wants to see the challenge met.

Jeff works for the nonprofit organization Adventures in Missions, recruiting people for short-term mission trips. He heard about the 50,000 pair challenge from Soles4Souls partner Anne Jackson, the Zondervan author who is causing a viral campaign of blogging, tweets, and facebook frenzy to help Soles4Souls reach the mark.

While 50,000 pair is lofty goal, Jeff thinks it can be done because of the simplicity of the mission.

"I joined the campaign without anyone guilt-tripping me or twisting my arm," Jeff stated in his blog. "Seeing something so organic and low-key, yet of such a magnitude to impact 50,000 lives, was attractive in and of itself. I needed no coercion, no expensive ad campaigns, no mind-blowing technology to win me over," he said.

Read Jeff Goins' entire blog entry here.

Read Anne Jackson's blog.

To help spread the word, use the widget code on the landing page to post a link on your blog. Email everyone you know. Join the facebook group. Ask your friends to do the same!

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