Friday, August 06, 2010

Live from Salt Lake City

The Soles4Souls RV is making its way across the country as a part of The Great American Shoe Drive. Allen & Silvana Clark have been traveling the country distrubuting shoes & promoting our cause. This week, they kicked off the 22 city tour in Salt Lake City:

The Great American Shoe Drive began with an around-the-world kick-off with a shoe distribution at the International Rescue Committee in Salt Lake City. A long line of refugees waited patiently in line for new shoes.
In Salt Lake City, the IRC helps them rebuild their lives.

Our youngest (and cutest!) volunteer at the distribution was this nine year old girl. She and her mother fled from Eritrea (close to Ethiopia) and then lived for years in a resettlement camp before arriving in Salt Lake a month ago. I loved her enthusiasm and desire to learn English as she helped us set up the shoes. She arrived wearing stiff, ill-fitting shoes and was thrilled to get some sparkly pink sneakers that fit!

We also found the perfect pair of shoes for a gentleman with only one arm who has difficulty tying shoes. Even though we didn't speak the same language as the refugees, their universal smiles told us how happy they were to get new shoes.

- Silvana

  • Stay Tuned! We will continue to share stories from The Great American Shoe Drive as they make their way through 22 cities to impact thousands of lives.
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