Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soles4Souls Tattoo? Yes!

We have a new fashion trend in the office today: tattoos... well, adhesive tattoos anyway. What makes them special? The Soles4Souls logo, of course! And I can't get over the detailed designs that spruce up the look! I think all of us in the office (the girls at least) are secretly dying to get our hands on one of these tattoos for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

一隻穿雲箭 千軍萬馬來相見 這麼棒的文章 幫你頂先!

lizae said...

Is there any way I can purchase these cool tattoos? I am hosting a shoe collection at the high school I teach at in Connecticut and these would be a great fundraiser to help offset the cost of shipping what we collect!