Tuesday, April 06, 2010

5 Year Old Hannah Gives Her Shoes for Barefoot4Haiti

Below is an email we recieved from a participant of the Barefoot4Haiti program through their local church. A girl named Hannah's mom shares her 5 year old daughters experience with giving her shoes to someone less fortunate.

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share the impact this morning's invitation to share our shoes made on Hannah. It was hard for her because she was wearing her favorite white shoes...the ones that match her new Easter dress, but she said she decided to give her shoes because she trusted God to make sure she had shoes to wear next Sunday. She wanted to tell all her friends and have them give their shoes too, so she made this flyer (attached) and walked barefoot to 20 houses to give them the note. She told the people that she would be back to collect the shoes today or tomorrow to give them time to look in their closets.

I'm very proud of her and her heart for sharing. Thanks for inviting her (and all of us) into this work that God is doing.


The girls in the note live near the orphanage where my friend Dave Beck worked after the earthquake. He sent this picture. When I told Hannah Dave was going there, she made grape Kool-aid and went door to door with a wagon. Even though it was very cold outside, people bought it and she raised a little more than $5 that we sent by Paypal to the orphanage for their feeding program.

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