Monday, January 04, 2010

A Letter to Soles4Souls From Cambodia

Below is a letter from one of our partners who recently distributed shoes from Soles4Souls the shoe charity.

“On October 23rd , I headed back for my third trip to Cambodia to serve the poor and disadvantaged there. With me , I took the 189 prs of flip flops that you so generously donated through Soles 4 Soul. My first stop was to the Kelly's Day Center in KrayBei. Here we gave out close to 100 pr to the staff and children that come for education, moral training and life skills. None of the children had shoes. They were astonished to get new shoes. The staff hugged us over and over. Thank you for the gift to these lovely people.

The next stop was to an orphage on the outskirts of Phnom Penh called The Good Shepard Orphanage. Most of these children are truly orphans or street children that now live at the orphanage. They almost knocked us over to get at the package of shoes. They were elated !! It is such a blessing to give to those who have nothing !!

The last of the sandals went to a Pastor and his congregation. We visited him on Sunday for service. This church was a bamboo thatched building with a tin roof. The pastors name is Samdy and he grinned from ear to ear with the delivery of these sandals !! The church was a 1 one hour ride by moto and we back packed the sandals and drove through the muddy rice paddy roads till we got to Ta Soul village.”

Debbie Walsh, Hope International Outreach

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