Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greetings From South Africa

Below is a letter from the ASHE Foundation who recently took a trip to South Africa to distribute more than 3,000 pairs of shoes donated by Soles4Souls to orphaned children. Stories like these come in every day from people all over the world who are helped through Soles4Souls. You can find out more about our organization at www.soles4souls.org.

Greetings Soles4Souls Team,

On August 6th thru August 13th, The ASHE Foundation traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa and distributed over 3000 pairs of shoes to orphaned children in the city of Limpopo and Soweto, South Africa. The 1611 pairs of shoes that were donated by Souls 4 Sole were distributed to orphaned children in the village of Ga-Dikgale, Limpopo.

CEO Dion Fearon, myself and International singer and songwriter Kenny Lattimore washed the feet and distributed shoes to orphaned children attending the drop in centers in the villages of Limpopo, South Africa. Over 2000 orphaned children who are being raised by their older siblings (usually under the age of 17) attend these drop in centers to receive food and counseling. The children have lost their parents from the devastating effects of AIDS and many of the female siblings have been raped by local male villagers once the parents have passed. We were able wash the feet of many of the children and place new shoes donated by Soles 4 Souls on their feet. They were thrilled to have their feet washed and receive a new pair of shoes.

Thank you for your generous donation of shoes that helped us change the lives of many children two feet at a time. We will be on another life changing trip to Africa in November and would love to take more donated shoes by S4S.


Antina Campbell
The ASHÉ Foundation

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