Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Soles4Souls donates hundreds of shoes to Royal Family Kids Camps delighting children across America!

Foster children at the Colorado Royal Family Kids’ Camp were startled to see fire trucks pulling into their camp — and then delighted when they saw a familiar camp counselor, Ms. Caelyn, on one of the trucks waving to them. The firemen showed them all the features of the truck, talked to them about firefighting and gave each camper a ride. Then, kids started to hear the rotors of an approaching helicopter. The kids started jumping up and down, screaming and waving at the team from the local “Flight for Life.” What a day! But wait — there was still more ... The firefighters lined all the children up in front of the helicopter and the Flight for Life team distributed a NEW PAIR of SHOES to every single camper!

Shoe charity Soles4Souls donated hundreds of pairs for the boys and girls who attended Royal Family Kids Camps across the country this summer. As the excited shouts and laughter from the Colorado kids made clear, this gift of shoes was a wonderful blessing and will be treasured!! We would like to thank Soles4Souls, all the wonderful firefighters, the Flight for Life teams and all others who donate their time to entertain and delight our campers each summer. Firetrucks, a helicopter and new shoes! The children from this Colorado Camp were amazed and delighted by an afternoon of wonders — in a beautiful setting near Pike’s Peak.

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