Friday, July 24, 2009

Shoes Distributed to Children in Honduras

Soles4Souls partner Shod with Peace Ministry International coordinated a recent distribution in rural Honduras. New pairs from See Kai Run and Gospel clog were donated to an orphanage and two village schools in Yasi and Yamaranguilla, Intubica, Honduras.

Team members from Soles4Souls and SPMI worked together to remove old, worn shoes from the children's feet and replace them with new ones. Nearly all of the shoes were handed out, with a few smaller sizes that were left for the ministry.

The children in the villages sat in stunned slience. A few mothers who were standing there began exclaiming in rapid Spanish how grateful they were with tears streaming down their faces.

"One mother in particular clung to my arm and repeated over and over how much of a blessing this was for her two young ones," said Soles4Souls outreach member Jerry Cotney. "The villagers were humble and were so grateful that most of them accompanied our team all the way back up the mountain to our awaiting bus."

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