Friday, June 19, 2009

PUMA and Soles4Souls Receive Footwear Donation from Aaron Eckhart

Soles4Souls and PUMA are currently working together to collect shoes for people in need around the world. All PUMA stores are offering 30% off to customers who bring in a pair of their own gently worn shoes to donate. Customers will have until July 12th to take advantage of the generous discount.

As part of the kickoff for this fantastic event, PUMA and Soles4Souls set up two oversized donation boxes in New York City for people to come by and toss in their shoes and walk away with a pair of Soles4Souls flip-flops as a thank you.

Several celebrities, including movie star Aaron Eckhart, made a donation of his very own kicks. Aaron is the star of such movies as "Batman: The Dark Knight" and "Thank You For Smoking."

We are very grateful that he took the time out to give us his shoes -- even though the person who receives these New Balance shoes will never know that a famous movie star once owned them, we know they will be thrilled to have a good pair of athletic shoes....

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