Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Think Outside the Recycling Bin


As the winter season comes to an end and Floridians begin to think about spring cleaning, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, or DEP, encourages residents to apply the 3 Rs -- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle -- and discover ways to recycle items that may not normally be considered recycle-friendly.

"We all understand the importance of recycling," said Mary Jean Yon, Director of DEP's Division of Waste Management. "Reducing waste can also help keep our landfills from filling up. Most people think of recycling newspapers, cans and bottles, but your closets, desks and drawers are filled with items that can also be recycled."

Tips and resources for practicing the 3 Rs while de-cluttering your home or office:

Athletic shoes - Local running clubs often collect athletic shoes for charitable causes such as homeless shelters and women's refuge houses. Soles4Souls collects gently worn shoes of all kinds and donates them to those in need (

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