Thursday, February 05, 2009


Cute Will Not Only Help Clean Up the Earth, But Will Soon Put Shoes on the Feet of Those in Need

They have arrived. 70 pairs of new shoes arrived yesterday at Soles4Souls’ warehouse in Roanoke, AL via a UPS truck. These shoes were donated by Cute, llc in hopes they will soon bring joy to many who are in need.

The owners of Cute, llc acquired 70 pairs of new shoes from a boutique that closed down. The owners of the company took it upon themselves to research where to donate them to, making sure the unworn shoes would not end up for sale in a store somewhere. After some research, it was evident Soles4Souls was the way to go. These ladies personally packed the 70 pairs by removing the boxes and unnecessary tissue paper (tossing them in their recycling bin, of course), they tied the pairs together with rubber bands, taped up the boxes and hand delivered them to a UPS driver in their area (while absorbing the shipping costs). “I was drawn to this organization when I read that their primary focus is disaster relief. They like to have an inventory on hand to be able to respond quickly to one. Our company plans on making donations to organizations such as Global Green USA which is helping rebuild a “green” New Orleans. I knew I didn’t have to search any further,” said Niurka, co-founder of Cute, llc.

Cute, llc was established in April of 2008 in hopes that their eco-friendly reusable market bags will send out the message that Swarovski crystals spell out on their Cute Bags: Cute (clean up the earth). Part of the proceeds of each bag will be donated to various organizations that are dedicated to doing good things for our planet. Cute’s mission is to reduce litter and encourage customers to tote their groceries in their reusable organic cotton bags. They want their consumers to be fashionably cute while being ecologically conscious.

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