Thursday, December 04, 2008

Soldiers in Iraq Sending Boots

Here is a recent email from a soldier in Iraq helping to collect boots from her fellow soldiers.

My name is Christine Brosius and I am currently deployed to Iraq. We are re-deploying soon and I am collecting shoes from a lot of the soldiers in the area to donate to your organization.

The only problem is I can not wash these shoes, because we don’t have access to washing machines to wash the shoes in. We turn in our laundry, but they will not let us wash shoes. I have had a lot of support and would like these shoes that are probably still good, but as you may know it is very dusty and muddy here, so Soldiers are getting rid of their shoes before we go back.

I have a box now and probably will have another box in JAN. If you don’t mind us not washing these shoes, and want them for donation, please respond back so I can get them mailed to you. Thanks in advance.

Christine Brosius

Thank you Christine, we can always use sturdy boots. Don't worry about washing them, we will clean them. Thanks for the support and we hope you come home soon!

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