Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hope Chest and a "Good Samaritan" Receive Shoes

During the month of October, 146 pairs of men’s shoes were distributed at the Hope Chest in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The Hope Chest is a ministry outreach program started by the West-Ark Church of Christ that distributes clothing and small household items at no charge to families and individuals that declare themselves in need.

Before the shoes were displayed for distribution at the Hope Chest, the first pair was delivered to a high school student who faithfully assisted his elderly neighbor. Each Monday afternoon, this young man goes immediately from his school bus stop to take the neighbor’s trash to the street for pickup. On Tuesday afternoon he gets off the bus and returns the trash container to her house.

Knowing that his neighbor had been a seamstress in her younger healthier days, he came to her in early October and asked if she could use her sewing machine to repair his tennis shoe (pictured). She knew any repairs to this shoe would need to be done by a much bigger and stronger machine than hers. Then he asked if she had a needle and thread. Together they did make an effort to repair his shoes but with no success.

The story of his needs was told to Betty Moreton, who with her husband, Ron, had traveled on behalf of C.U.R.E. to Roanoke, Alabama, to pickup the shoes from Soles4Souls. Betty immediately went to the warehouse and got new shoes for this young man. She also delivered a pair to his father and his younger brother.

The father is a roofer, fisherman and wood cutter. He too was in much need of a new pair of shoes. Both sons work with their father. New “soles” for each was deeply appreciated.

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