Friday, October 31, 2008

Man in Philippines to Receive Running Shoes

People all over the world take up jogging for the same reasons - to look fit, maintain proper weight and to feel healthy. Joseph Soledad of the Philippines began running five years ago for similar reasons. In the early days, he just wanted his weight and blood pressure to get back to normal but he soon found other benefits of running.

“I run for the joy and I love it now,” says Joseph. “I’m proud to say that it made me a better and healthier person. I will probably run for the rest of my life.”

Joseph’s biggest obstacle is keeping a pair of proper athletic shoes on his feet. With a meager salary, Joseph would not deny his family basic necessities for a pair of expensive running shoes. Embarrassed, he would run early in the morning so others would not see the duct tape on his old sneakers. Then he read about Soles4Souls in Runner’s World.

Fearing that his old sneakers would fall apart at his first race, Joseph decided to write to Soles4Souls and ask for a pair of used running shoes in size 10.5. Paul Wilson, president of the World Outreach Division, received his request and immediately sent him several pairs of shoes, including new pairs of New Balance before his big race on November 15th.

“Joseph is the reason why we got in the business of giving away shoes,” stated Wilson. “We wish him luck and congratulate him on running in the New Balance Power Race in Philippines.”

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