Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Proud Volunteers from Sudan

Three Sudanese students have been eagerly helping Soles4Souls 'change the world one pair at a time' by donating a little time at the Roanoke, AL distribution center.

Stephen Dokolo, Bullen Timo and Andrew Elispana are in United States to further their education at Southern Union State Community College in Wadley, Alabama. Four Corners Ministry put the students through high school in Uganda, where the students earned their diplomas, allowing them to be approved for admission into Southern Union.

Paul Wilson, the President of World Outreach Division at Soles4Souls, first met Bullen, Andrew and Stephen in 2005 when he traveled to Sudan to distribute shoes to the needy.

"I am appreciative of Soles4Souls, it is so hot and the ground burns our feet," stated Stephen. "The closest thing I compare it to for Americans, it is like having a new set of tires for your car."

The three students have just completed their first week of school and are now volunteering some time in the warehouse as a way to give back for the generosity shown to them through Soles4Souls.

"In Sudan we could not get a pair of shoes even if we had money," said Bullen. "These shoes are life changing. They protect our feet from infection and injury."

The students have been helping to sort, pack and ship donated shoes, many that will end up in Sudan. Andrew Elispana hopes that he can help those in his home country.

"I so much want to share my appreciation for how I have been helped with the gift of shoes so it is with great joy I can work with Soles4Souls here," he said.

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