Monday, August 04, 2008

Soles4Souls as a "No-calorie Fund Raising Idea"

Every parent has experienced the dread that comes with their child announcing a school or sports team fund raiser. Parents find themselves helping their child hawk containers of high-caloric cookie dough or skimpy rolls of wrapping paper or calendars they’ll never use or magazine subscriptions to Bee Keeper Gazette.

Finance Home Investments suggests the school or team try a few innovative fund raising ideas instead. They mentioned Teachers Lip Sync Extravaganza which use your rock n' roll lip syncing talents to raise money. They mentioned sponsored pet shows. They also mentioned Soles4Souls and had this to say:

300 million children around the world are without a pair of shoes. Teach your children how to help others while also raising money for your organization. Soles4Souls, a non-profit agency, has distribute over 3 million pairs of shoes around the world. Students simply take orders for clogs or flip flops, which Soles4Souls distributes free of charge to people in need. For every $5.00 flip flops or $10.00 clogs students sell, your organization receives 40% of the proceeds. More important, your student’s efforts help put a pair of shoes on the feet of someone in an impoverished or disaster-stricken area of the world. Contact or 615-391-5723.

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