Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Man Walking across America barefoot for Soles4Souls

There have been all kinds of treks across the United States. Many people have driven or biked it. Some have walked it. One man even went coast to coast on his lawnmower.
But walking 3,400 miles from the Pacific to the Atlantic barefoot?

Meet 19-year old Dash Alsup.

Alsup, a Washington native, began training about a year ago. Since he decided to make this trip, he has been walking around town with his pack — 45 pounds — to train. He will carry a small tent and sleeping bag along with other supplies.

Along the way, he hopes to collect pledges for Soles4Souls.

"It kind of made sense to do it without shoes," Alsup said. "It’s something I hadn’t heard of anyone doing.”

On April 30th, Dash started his journey in Canon City, Washington. It is reported that he is now somewhere near Denver, Colorado. He plans to reach Daytona Beach in Florida by late October or early November.

Check out Dash's blog about his trip:

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