Friday, June 13, 2008

Lake Jackson Church gives Poverty the Boot

The congregation at Hope Fellowship Church in Lake Jackson has joined a campaign that aims to meet one of the most basic needs impoverished people can have — shoes. The church was part of Soles4Souls’ National Barefoot Week campaign in which worshippers and others in the community donated gently used footwear to those in need.

The church conducted its campaign all through last week, culminating at its Sunday service, after which many church-goers left their shoes behind. Senior Pastor Mark Swirsky explained why his church viewed this effort as so important.

“It’s a reality that most Americans have many pairs of shoes, but many people in world don’t even have one pair,” he said.

Swirsky got the idea of helping out after reading about puncture wounds and hookworm infections that plague many people in the Third World.

Hope Fellowship Church’s Youth Pastor Johnathan Sublet noted the shoe drive is another avenue for doing God’s work.

“It’s just one way to be a light in the community,” Sublet said. “God depends on us to share what He has given.”

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