Monday, September 24, 2007

BCNY "Steps Up"

BCNY has donated 60,000 Pairs of Shoes for Recent Natural Disaster Victims to Soles4Souls. It's not the first time that the New York based company has made a substantial footwear donation. Last winter, BCNY donated over 72,000 pairs of children's shoes and slippers to help meet a serious need in Russia and the Ukraine.

So when Soles4Souls asked many of its footwear industry partners to "step up" to help meet the need of recent natural disaster victims, BCNY again responded in a huge way.

"BCNY International has made an incredible donation to help us meet the need of victims in the U.S., as well as Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru," said founder Wayne Elsey. "They are donating about 60,000 pairs of new sneakers, sandals, and children's shoes that will make an enormous difference in the lives of people who have been devastated by recent events," he said.

"We would like to make this donation on behalf of all of the BCNY Worldwide Families to those people and families in need," said Evan Cagner, Executive Director of BCNY International. "We are glad that we can help and be part of the solution," he said.

The shoes are en route to assist victims of last month's massive earthquake in Peru and the floods in the U.S. Midwest, as well as people in the paths of hurricanes Dean, Felix, and Henriette.

"I can't recall when we've had so many awful events line up one after the other," Elsey said. "It's amazing that we haven't had to turn anyone away yet, but only because companies like BCNY are helping to meet the massive demand," he said.

To donate your shoes or make a cash donation to Soles4Souls, visit to find out how to help the charity.

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