Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Student Souls raise soles

The Auburn Plainsman reported that ELF (Exploring Leadership for Freshmen) put on a month-long shoe donation campaign for Soles4Souls. The drive started Feb. 20 and lasted until March 13. At the end of last year, ELF decided to adopt the Soles4Souls campaign as their annual philanthropic event for the school year 2006 to 2007. Tori Bray, a sophomore in agricultural business in economics, is the ELF director and participated in last year’s Soles4Souls drive.
“Last year we received over 200 pairs of shoes. This year we exceeded 400 pairs” Bray said.
Bins were set up in numerous places around campus. Students dropped off their new or old pairs of shoes, along with $1 for each pair to cover the cost of shipping. At the end of the drive, a footwear company donated a new pair of shoes for every pair that was given here at Auburn.
“This is a great way for Auburn students to give back to their community,” Bray said.

How many shoes have you donated, LSU?

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