Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Soles4Souls Inc. to Spend Thanksgiving in the Slums of Honduras

NASHVILLE, TN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 07, 2006 --

During Thanksgiving, when most Americans will be stuffing their bodies to the breaking point, Soles4Souls' staff and volunteers will forgo the turkey and mashed potatoes to hand out shoes in Honduras. The team from Soles4Souls, Inc. will spread a message of hope to some of the poorest people in Central America with the simple gift of shoes.

"Our team is ready to go," said Paul Wilson, President of Soles4Souls, Inc. "We have set aside 12,500 pairs of footwear that will be greatly appreciated," he said.

During this trip -- the first of annual visits -- Soles4Souls will transport the donated footwear to areas like the infamous garbage dump outside Tegucigalpa, where an estimated 1,300 people live in refuse and unsanitary conditions, rummaging through the trash in order to find food, clothing, and household items.

"They are terribly susceptible to disease and injury," Wilson said. "By giving a pair of new shoes to a child, we may help prevent an infection that could otherwise cause permanent injury or even amputation," he said.

Soles4Souls will partner with other organizations to distribute food, clothing, and footwear, and meet with village elders to create a plan for consistent support. Several high-ranking members of the Honduran government will also be on hand to meet the team and offer their partnership and advice.

"This isn't a one-time donation," Wilson said. "We have made a commitment to this area, and will continue to support them. Next year we will be taking several American footwear executives so they can see for themselves how their donations are helping these people," he said.

Soles4Souls will be working with several non-profit organizations that operate in Central America, and Honduran churches will also take a central role in the trip, helping to guide the American team to areas that need the most assistance.

"To us, it's only a pair of shoes. But to them, it's a remarkable gift they could never afford," Wilson said. "It's a sobering reminder of why we Americans ought to be thankful."

About Soles4Soles
Nashville-based Soles4Souls™ facilitates the donations of shoes, which will be used to aid the hurting worldwide. Shoe companies, retailers, and individuals can donate footwear (both new and used). Soles4Souls is a 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS; donating parties are eligible for tax advantages. Visit or call (888) 840-7074.

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